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While you can only access the People Connection chat rooms through AOL Desktop for Windows, you can create and participate in AIM buddy chats with both AOL Desktop for Windows or Mac OS X and the standalone AOL IM software.

Since both buddy chats and People Connection chats use a special protocol within AIM or AOL Desktop, there's no specific web address you can use to visit the rooms outside the programs.

Police want women who use the Moco Space website to use extreme caution when chatting with anyone online, even more so if they plan to meet that person face-to-face, because it is the one thing that three sexual assault victims all have in common.

Before you can participate in any of AOL's chat rooms, there are a few necessary tasks you need to complete, including downloading the appropriate AOL software for your computer and signing up for a screenname.We will provide you with a variety of crayons, color pencils and markers. Tucson Coloring Club is about expressing creativity, being social, meeting new people, creating community, and breaking away from the mundane.Participants can bring their own coloring books, pages, pencils and markers, etc.As part of our Service, agrees to provide you with information and other computer services subject to these Terms of Service.You agree to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of Service.

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