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For 35-year-old Vishnu, who was given a two-year Chinese visa on his Indian passport – just like rest of his young family – it has been an even more profoundly life altering trip.While his father had memories and the language to guide him back to a transformed country, Vishnu is un-anchored.

I am probably the youngest among them,” Vishnu noted, with a laugh.

Experts share their views/opinions on contemporary foreign policy themes in this popular lecture series organized by the Ministry in collaboration with top universities and academic institutions in India.

The Union Finance Ministry (Revenue Department) has imposed anti-dumping duty on certain “textured toughened (tempered) glass” imported from China.

Indian women on the other hand, tend to not marry outside the community at all (and risk social stigmatization otherwise), although that's probably changing with the 2nd generation.

The issue is more cultural than racial, since if you take a look at places like Singapore where there are major populations of people with Indian and Chinese ethnicities, you'll find much higher rates of inter-racial marriages between the communities because they're raised in an environment where inter-racial interactions are encouraged right from pre-school and a uniform culture is experience by both communities.

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