David walliams dating

According to The Sun, the 31-year-old disliked her husband's "camp" persona – including his TV cross-dressing and his flirtations with Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent.

A source told the publication: "She didn’t really understand the humour of it.""There were obviously lots of issues within their relationship."But it had become clear Lara didn’t like the constant talk about David being camp."She got tired of it being referenced all the time, especially when David seemed to play up to it in various photoshoots or TV sketches — or by flirting with Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent."It was reported yesterday that David, 43, and Lara have agreed a trial separation after almost five years of marriage.

"I came a couple of years ago, and I got told to get a singing teacher," he explained. He broke down in tears when his performance of 'Hallelujah' was met with huge cheers from the audience."You stood up there, you put your heart and soul on the line," Alesha reviewed. That was brilliant.""This just shows you, when someone grinds you down and says you're not good enough, you come back and look them in the eye, you go, 'I am good enough'," joked Simon Cowell.

Alesha Dixon burst out laughing when she asked who was responsible for the comment - and the 15-year-old pointed to David."Doesn't sound like the kind of sensible thing I'd say! But again it was David's feedback that was the most significant for Kyle, this time for a more positive reason."I thought it was really good! "Kyle is an unusual pick for David, who is known for giving his Golden Buzzer slots to 'joke' acts.

Having spent the last two years refining his talent, the schoolboy was hoping the judges would see how he'd improved.

" he exclaimed as he pressed the Golden Buzzer - sending Kyle straight through to the live shows."You sung with passion. Contestants he has previously backed include 'Crumble Song' singer Lorraine Bowen and married couple Anne and Ian Marshall.

He recently sent her a bunch of white roses and a card signed ‘DW’."They hang out in a group with other people and she has been to his house with other friends."They are both very flirty and it’s clear there’s a huge attraction there but David is quite cautious about entering into another relationship."David finalised his divorce from Dutch model Lara Stone on September 10 after citing "unreasonable behaviour" on her behalf for their split.He changed his stage name to David Walliams when he joined the actors' union Equity, as there was already a member named David Williams.Walliams performed in the Big Finish Productions Doctor Who audio play Phantasmagoria, written by Mark Gatiss.Both stars were then both in attendance at Jonathan Ross' legendary Halloween bash last month where they danced the night away with guests including Claudia Schiffer, Jimmy Carr and Martin Freeman.The 44-year-old David will stop at nothing to romance the 27-year-old bombshell, according to sources.

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