Guide to dating a derby girl

In many ways, I feel fortunate we met through such a difficult undertaking-- gutting our hearts out trying to learn a new sport and help run a non-profit organization from it's conception wasn’t exactly spare time activity.

In short, it was a lot of work, and we both wanted it really bad.

These are the words that tumble from my mind to my fingers having read Down and Derby.

Veterans in the world of roller derby, Axles and Kasey are an inspiration to derby girls everywhere, myself included. ” — Zoë “Bloody Holly” Bell, stuntwoman and star of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof “Roller derby is one of the most empowering and intriguing worlds I’ve ever come across.

If you're new to derby, this is a great book to read because it outlines everything from the history of the sport to the details of its modern revival, to roller derby as it is portrayed in pop culture.

Rapp: Did you have gay tendencies while you were married?But after nearl When most Americans hear the words “roller derby” today, they think of the kitschy sport once popular on weekend television during the seventies and eighties.But after nearly dying out in the nineties, derby has been making a comeback.Written by veteran skaters as both a history and a how-to, Down and Derby is a brassy celebration of every aspect of the sport, from its origins in the late 1800s, to the rules of a modern bout, to the science of picking an alias, to the many ways you can get involved off skates.Informative, entertaining, and executed with the same tough, sassy, DIY attitude — leavened with plenty of humor — that the sport is known for, Down and Derby is the first and last book on derby you’ll ever need.

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