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During a visit home the 37-year-old told Kate Waterhouse about the “mad” show, his hopes of discovering Australian’s next big star, and what ruffles his feathers. Usually the first thing I try and do is either: a) get some Aussie seafood; or b) jump in the water. I also really wanted to start discovering younger talent. I have so much more fondness for the country that I grew up in, and I’m protective too.Then outside of that, see the family, catch up with some friends and hear some good Aussie music. If anyone says anything bad about another Australian or the country, it ruffles my feathers real quick.Registration includes adding (or enrolling in) classes, dropping classes, and withdrawing from classes.

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Meanwhile, Ryan Kwanten charmed the wait staff (and no doubt his date, too) with cutesy antics while at the Stanton Social for dinner — at one point he was even dancing in his chair.

Kwanten will play Steve Hammond, son of Tom Hammond (Bean) and the leader of a cop gang, The Ravens.

A cool, pragmatic, reluctant leader with the mind and instincts of a shrewd tactician, Hammond is a survivor–a natural protector who values taking care of those closest to him, his family, his team.

And I’m back for the release of True Blood’s final season on DVD … I think when you love what you do it’s hard to even call it work. In a weird way, I’m sort of a professional pretender. Why do you think Australians are so successful in Hollywood?

It was seven good seasons of just shooting this maniac, mad show. Back in your Home and Away days did you ever think you would be on such a huge US hit TV show? Obviously there was that sort of initial sort of farewell. I’m actually sort of moving into producing as well. And I love being able to let all the drama that maybe sort of festering or inside of me [go] and release it on camera and then keep my life outside of it drama-free. It’s our work ethic I think that they really appreciate that over there.

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