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(Anne-Christine Poujoulat / AFP/Getty Images)At the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, recently concluded on May 28, L. Times film critic Justin Chang took in the scene and all the movies he could watch on very little sleep.

In this, his Cannes diary, he gives us an up-close view of one of the world’s most glamorous events, a mecca for film lovers The 70th Festival de Cannes has ended and Pedro Almodóvar’s jury has rendered its verdict, which you can read about in my report on the closing-night awards ceremony.

Gegen den Vorgesetzten der Priester im Dekanat Lohr lief nmlich ein Ermittlungsverfahren "wegen Ntigung in einem besonders schweren Fall". Kestler als Dekan und Mitglied im Priesterrat des Bistums unter diesen Umstnden auch ein standesgemes rmisch-katholisches Begrbnis (Eucharistiefeier mit Generalvikar Dr.

Von einem "jungen Mann", "der in enger Verbindung mit dem Geistlichen gestanden haben soll", ist zunchst die Rede (Main-Post). Demnach pflegte der Wrdentrger, der Bischof Friedhelm Hofmann bei der Leitung des Bistums Wrzburg untersttzte, offenbar seit einigen Jahren ein "sexuelles Verhltnis" mit einem ehemaligen Ministranten, das allerdings erst begonnen haben soll, als der Jugendliche bereits "das 16. Der geistliche Leiter des Dekanats Lohr lebte womglich in totaler psychischer Abhngigkeit zu dem jungen Mann und soll mit Selbstmord gedroht haben, falls der mittlerweile 22-Jhrige die homosexuelle Beziehung beendet. Kestler werden jedoch keine Ermittlungen mehr wegen dieser Ntigungs-Klage mehr durchgefhrt, welche der Kirche auch sehr schaden knnten. Karl Hillenbrand und Predigt von Domkapitular Heinz Geist) und einen "ehrwrdigen" Platz im Wrzburger Priestergrab.

Not entirely satisfying, of course: My personal choice for the Palme d’Or would probably have been “Loveless,” followed closely by “A Gentle Creature” (what can I say, it’s been a good year for devastating portraits of modern-day Russia), and I regret that the Safdie brothers and Robert Pattinson won nothing for their sensationally entertaining “Good Time.”But in the end, I can't fault a jury for honoring a film as provocative as “The Square,” as moving as “120 Beats Per Minute” or as stylishly single-minded as “You Were Never Really Here.” A title that more or less captures what it would probably feel like to be in Cannes now — once more a sleepy beachside town, with the red carpets rolled up and the metal detectors stowed away for another year. Days 9-10 | May 25-26Based on a highly selective and unscientific sampling of opinions on the Croisette, the general consensus is that while this may be a milestone 70th-anniversary year for the Festival de Cannes, it’s been a disappointing set of films overall, with one of the weaker competition slates in recent memory.

Please be patient one or two days before the start hatuvate service in full force.4 His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power was hidden.Arriving at the Cannes premiere of "Good Time," from left, are actors Taliah Webster and Robert Pattinson, actor/co-director Benny Safdie and co-director Josh Safdie.And rest assured, this year there will be no indignant screed against their decisions from yours truly.What’s remarkable about this festival is that, even with a much less impressive competition than last year’s, the jury managed to come up with a much more discerning and satisfying set of winners.

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