Who is dating undertaker

People believe what they see, they judge all the celebrities through their outer personality and starts thinking that they are the same in their personal and professional life. For me, judging someone through their personality does not define who they are.Every person is different in both of his personal and professional life.An Instagram post was recently made by Michelle Mc Cool (Undertaker’s wife).The picture shows her holding her daughter and thanking the WWE family and fans for their support. Although things were going well in the initial period, things started falling apart later. Currently, he is married to a wrestler, Michelle Mc Cool. Michelle gave birth to Undertaker’s child on August 29, 2012. Additionally, He has won WWE Championship title for four times and title of World Heavyweight Championship for three times. They have two daughters together named, Chasey and Gracie. Texas-born The Undertaker was born as Mark William Calaway on March 24, 1965. He was famous for keeping the winning streak in Wrestle Mania until Brock Lesnar defeated him.

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He played football and basket throughout his childhood and school days. As per his education, he attended Waltrip High School. Afterward, he joined Angelina College in Texas on a basketball scholarship.Presently, he is a prominent figure among the media as one of the greatest wrestler ever in the history.Similarly, he is also famous for his moves like “Chokeslam”, “Tombstone Piledriver”, “Triangle Choke”, and so on. He was born to parents, Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby.He’s an amiable and kind-hearted persona, as he also live a healthy and a happy life with his family and friends.He also does hangouts with his friends like Triple H, Kane and others.

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